Today our theme was the ZOO ANIMALS.  We read Curious George Feeds the Animals by Margret and H.A. Rey and 1,2,3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle.  Of course, everyone loves Curious George, but the Eric Carle book was a lot of fun too — it was a wordless counting book and the children had a great time talking about the different animals and making up little stories about them.

The favorite part of today’s Toddler Time was our felt board activity — There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.  We had a small group today so every child got to participate!  And of course we sang and danced!

Next week our theme is:  DOGS.  See you then!

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Oops!  It seems I missed writing about Toddler Time for the last couple weeks.  It’s been a busy summer here at the library.  We’ve just wrapped up our summer reading program with a fun family picnic.  It was great and everyone seemed to have a terrific time.  Hopefully everyone will keep reading….


Our theme today was butterflies.  Although we were a small group, we still had a lot of fun.  We read I Am a Butterfly and The Very Hungry Caterpiller.   We used felt board pieces as we read The Very Hungry Caterpiller.  Then we danced and sang.

Next week, our theme is Counting.



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Our theme today was  FISH.  We read two great fish books — classic Swimmy by Leo Lionni and Trout Trout Trout by April Pulley Sayre.

Trout Trout Trout was a really fun book to read aloud — it reads as a chant with lots of rhythm.  It is also a great book to introduce readers to a whole host of unusual fish that most people probably have not heard about or even seen.  There is an inforative section in the back of the book that talks in more depth about each of the unusual fish featured in the book.

We practice couting from 1-5 and from 5-1 with our felt board activity — 5 Little Fishies.  And of course we sang and grooved to some great Greg and Steve tunes.

Next week’s theme is SLEEP.

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ABC Clipart Free2Although we were a small group today, we still had a lot of fun.  Our theme today was the alphabet.  We read the books, Superhero ABC and Eating the Alphabet,  and practiced our letters on the felt board.  We sang some songs from our song cube and at the end, we danced and danced to some new-to-us Greg and Steve songs.

After the program, we had some fun with magnetic boards and letters.

Next week’s theme is FISH.

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Today we explored turtles and tortoises and how they were the same and different.

Did you know one main difference is that tortoises live on land and turtles live in water?

We read The Foolish Tortoise and Franklin Says Sorry.  Our felt board activity was 5 Little Turtles.  Then we sang some songs from our Song Cube and bebopped with bean bags too.

Next week, our theme is the ALPHABET.

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Today we had some very special visitors from the Erie Zoo @ the Library!

Christy the Box Turtle

Rico the Ferret

Fern the Collared Dove

Benny the Lion-Maned Rabbit

What fun!  Not only did we learn about how the animals moved and what they ate, we also got to pet them!  Amy read us a book too — Doing the Animal Bop and we did the animal movements in the book.

zoo9 zoo10 zoo11 zoo8 zoo7 zoo6 zoo5 zoo4 zoo3 zoo2 zoo1

Next week our theme is Turtles and Tortoises!


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Today’s theme was TRANSPORTATION.  We read Pete the Cat’s Train Trip and My Car.  Then of course we sang and danced — one of our songs was called “Firefighters” and we pretended to be firefighters.

Next week the Erie Zoo is visiting.  Our Program will be Animal Bop.


Summertime is a great time to explore transportation all around you in your community.


Here are a couple of ideas for you:

  1. Take a walk around your community, point out/discuss all of the different types of transportation that you see.
  2.  Play transportation bingo.  Beforehand, make some gameboards with pictures of different forms of transportation.  Decide what a “bingo” will be — horizontal/vertical line, postage stamp, etc. Then take a ride or a walk, marking off all of the transportation types that you see aong the way.
  3. Take a train ride.
  4. Visit a transportation museum.
  5. Make a book with different types of transportation.  Use stickers, drawings, clip art, etc.
  6. Gather up an assortment of cardboard boxes.  With a little imagination, these boxes can become a train, bus, cars, trucks, plane, etc.  Add props.
  7. Take a bike ride.
  8. Draw pictures of different types of transportation and sort them.  How many different ways can you sort them?


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I Scream!

You Scream!

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Today our theme was Ice Cream, of course!  We read Splat the Cat:  I Scream for Ice Cream and Should I Share my Ice Cream?

We did a really cute ice cream felt board rhyme too.  Click HERE to go to the blog.

We sang some songs from our song cube and did a little freeze dancing, too.


Summer Reading Kicks off this week.  This summer we added a program just for our Toddlers.  We named the program Tadpoles.  When they sign up for summer reading, Tadpoles receive a game board.  Once they complete five of the acitivities they can turn in their game boards for a trip to the prize box.  YAY!

We’ve invited the Erie Zoo to come on Tuesday, June 28th at 11 AM to do a program for the Tadpoles called Animal Bop.  Preregistration and participation in SUmmer Reading are required.

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Today was coloriffic fun!  Of course, as you can see, COLOR was our theme.  We shared the book Little Green Peas.  Only one book today so that we could sing and dance even more than usual.  We also made a rainbow one color at a time on our felt board.  Later, the children had time to explore color blocks and color bears, too.

Next week our theme is:  ICE CREAM.


Some Colorful Ideas:

  1.  Take a color walk around your neighborhood.  What colors do you see?  What colors don’t you see?
  2. Create your own color book — gather some colorful paper and try to find as many stickers or magazine pictures for each color as you can.  Staple your pages together.
  3. Sort socks or washcloths or crayons or whatever you have by color.  Count how many are in each color.
  4. Make a colorful fruit salad together — can you find a fruit for each color of the rainbow?
  5. Have a color fashion show!
  6. Try your hand at mixing colors.  You will need blue, red, yellow, black, and white paint.  What happens when you mix 2 colors?  3 colors?  Does it matter if one of the colors is black or white?
  7. Have you ever tried making  rainbow jello?  Check out this tutorial — with photos:  http://musthavemom.com/2013/04/rainbow-jello-recipe-instructions.html
  8. Get some clean plastic jars or bottles with lids.  Either use colored sand or make your own colored sand and create rainbows in a bottle.

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What do bears and ducks have in common?  They both ride bikes, of course!  Today we read Bears on Wheels and Duck on a Bike.  Our felt board activity used shapes to create a bicycle.  And of course, we sang and danced with bean bags.  Afterward, the children had time to retell the shape story on the felt board as well as to explore play people, vehicles, and buildings.


Next week’s theme is COLORS!

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