Grizzly bears by Kolpin, Molly
From seed to plant by Gibbons, Gail
The vegetables we eat by Gibbons, Gail
Once upon a time by Loewen, Nancy
Volcanoes! by Schreiber, Anne
A child's calendar by Updike, John
Out and about at the baseball stadium by Kemper, Bitsy
Space leftovers by Rau, Dana Meachen
Whose tail is this?: a look at tails - swishing, wiggling, and rattling by Hall, Peg
Fluffy, flat, and wet by Rau, Dana Meachen
Deep, deeper, deepest by Dahl, Michael
Do frogs have fur? by Dahl, Michael
Out and about at the dentist by Kemper, Bitsy
Whose feet are these? by Hall, Peg
Who grows up in the forest? by Longenecker, Theresa
Dancing dragons by Loewen, Nancy
The pumpkin book by Gibbons, Gail
Game changer by Coy, John
Fast, faster, fastest by Dahl, Michael
Penguins! by Gibbons, Gail
Bend and Stretch by Nettleton, Pamela Hill
Cold, colder, coldest by Dahl, Michael
Whose legs are these? by Hall, Peg
Show me a story by Loewen, Nancy