The last cuentista by Higuera, Donna Barba
Son by Lowry, Lois
Under the Jolly Roger by Meyer, L. A
Curse of the blue tattoo by Meyer, L. A
Faceless by Lasky, Kathryn
In the belly of the bloodhound by Meyer, L. A
Enchanted by Kontis, Alethea
Bloody Jack by Meyer, L. A
Realm breaker by Aveyard, Victoria
Peak by Smith, Roland
Ascent by Smith, Roland
Ashfall legacy by Lore, Pittacus
Runner by Deuker, Carl
The edge by Smith, Roland
Descent by Smith, Roland
The betrayed by Cass, Kiera
This world we live in by Pfeffer, Susan Beth
Silver people by Engle, Margarita
Hero by Kontis, Alethea
The last dragonslayer by Fforde, Jasper
The Hush by Melki-Wegner, Skye
The song of the Quarkbeast by Fforde, Jasper
Candyfloss by Wilson, Jacqueline
Mechanica by Cornwell, Betsy