Funny story by Henry, Emily
An unfinished murder by Deveraux, Jude
A calamity of souls ( by Baldacci, David
All fours by July, Miranda
The last word by Griffiths, Elly
The cemetery of untold stories by Alvarez, Julia
The paradise problem by Lauren, Christina
Mind games by Roberts, Nora
Think twice by Coben, Harlan
The 24th Hour by Patterson, James
One perfect couple by Ware, Ruth
You like it darker by King, Stephen
The house on Biscayne Bay by Cleeton, Chanel
Darling girls by Hepworth, Sally
The murder inn by Patterson, James
What cannot be said by Harris, C. S
Act of defiance by Andrews, Brian
Feline fatale by Brown, Rita Mae
The demon of unrest by Larson, Erik
Just for the summer ( by Carlson, Melody
The museum of lost quilts by Chiaverini, Jennifer
Brush of angel's wings by Reid, Ruth
The promise of an angel by Reid, Ruth
Under the paper moon by Steinberg, Shaina