Murder in the First - Season 3 by Diggs, Taye
Kieler Street - Season 1 by Harr, Thorbjørn
Stargate Infinity - Season 1 by Acheson, Mark
Granada Nights by Aakeel, Antonio
Crashes and Crises: Lessons from a History of Financial Disasters by Fullenkamp, Connel
A Night Full of Rain by Giannini, Giancarlo
Almost Unsolved - Season 1 by Wall, Andrew
Murder in the First - Season 2 by Diggs, Taye
Targeted For Murder - Season 1 by Barnard, John
Senseless by Batchelor, Jackson
The Original Kings of Comedy by Harvey, Steve
Being Rose by Shepherd, Cybill
Wild Travels - Season 1 by Moshman, Harvey
First Date by Brown, Tyson
Reckless Kelly by Serious, Yahoo
Killer Soundtrack - Season 1 by Cavalera, Max
Secrets in the Family by Alvina, Maia
Traveling with Pets - Season 1 by Solberg, Dave
Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight by Keaton, Diane
Bletchley Circle: San Francisco - Season 1 by Space, Jennifer
Out Stealing Horses by Skarsgard, Stellan
The Fox by Dennis, Sandy
Shall We Dance? by Gere, Richard
Karen Cries on the Bus by Carrizosa, Angela