The Paris apartment : by Foley, Lucy
Book lovers by Henry, Emily
Apples never fall : by Moriarty, Liane
The Lincoln highway by Towles, Amor
The judge's list by Grisham, John
Wish you were here : by Picoult, Jodi
Dream town by Baldacci, David
The 6:20 man : by Baldacci, David
The recovery agent by Evanovich, Janet
Cloud cuckoo land : by Doerr, Anthony
What happened to the Bennetts : by Scottoline, Lisa
The diamond eye : by Quinn, Kate
Nightwork ( by Roberts, Nora
This time tomorrow by Straub, Emma
The wish by Sparks, Nicholas
22 seconds by Patterson, James
The summer place : by Weiner, Jennifer
The maid : by Prose, Nita
Better off dead : by Child, Lee
One Italian summer : by Serle, Rebecca
A slow fire burning by Hawkins, Paula
The house across the lake : by Sager, Riley
The investigator by Sandford, John
Game on : by Evanovich, Janet