The sun also rises by Hemingway, Ernest
Neighbors : by Steel, Danielle
Cream puff murder by Fluke, Joanne
The sorority murder by Brennan, Allison
Arctic Sea : by Poyer, David
Twenty by Grippando, James
Helpful Tractor by Crow, Melinda Melton
Dark night : by Shelton, Paige
A stranger's game by Coble, Colleen
Love for beginners : by Shalvis, Jill
19 Yellow Moon Road by Michaels, Fern
American traitor by Taylor, Brad
The hundred secret senses by Tan, Amy
The bronze bow by Speare, Elizabeth George
Crabby pants by Gassman, Julie
Little seeds by Ghigna, Charles
Curious George in the big city by Rey, H. A
Ruth's pink pajamas by Gassman, Julie
Out and about at the Dairy Farm by Murphy, Andy
Black buck by Askaripour, Mateo
Ladder of Years by Tyler, Anne
Home song by Spencer, LaVyrle
The good son by Mitchard, Jacquelyn
Blue shoes and happiness by Smith, Alexander McCall