Toddler Time Tuesday


We were a small group today, but we had a lot of fun with our topic — PIGS!

We read 2 great pigs books — Litte Flower and Pigs on a Blanket.

My young friend told her own version of Three Little Pigs and then we told the story together on the felt board.  What fun!

You can find some great felt board pieces for The Three Little Pigs here.

We created our own pig versions of favorite songs like “The Pigs on the Bus” and “There’s a Spider on the Pig”.

Then we danced with scarves.

Next week we will have some terrific BEAR stories and activities.  Have you ever gone on a bear hunt?




Toddler Time Tuesday


Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!  Today our theme was DOGS!

After talking about our dogs, we read 2 great books about dogs — See Me Run and Dog Loves Books.  We did a fun nursery rhyme, Old Mother Hubbard, on our felt board.  We sang some of our favorite songs and fingerplays and we danced with color scarves to music.

Next week our theme is:  DINOSAURS!


Haven’t been to Toddler Time yet?????

Toddler Time is a story and activity time geared for children 18 months up to 3 years old.  A typical Toddler Time includes two books, a felt board activity, favorite songs and fingerplays, and some music/movement experiences.

Please join us on Tuesdays @ 11 AM for Toddler Time.

The Library  also offer a  Story Time @ 10 AM on Saturdays.

Toddler Time Tuesday


Our theme today was  FISH.  We read two great fish books — classic Swimmy by Leo Lionni and Trout Trout Trout by April Pulley Sayre.

Trout Trout Trout was a really fun book to read aloud — it reads as a chant with lots of rhythm.  It is also a great book to introduce readers to a whole host of unusual fish that most people probably have not heard about or even seen.  There is an inforative section in the back of the book that talks in more depth about each of the unusual fish featured in the book.

We practice couting from 1-5 and from 5-1 with our felt board activity — 5 Little Fishies.  And of course we sang and grooved to some great Greg and Steve tunes.

Next week’s theme is SLEEP.

Toddler Time Tuesday


Today was COW DAY at Toddler Time!

We read 2 fun books — Cows in the Kitchen and Click Clack Moo:  Cows That Type.  Our felt board activity went along with the book, Are You a Cow?.

Since we had a small group this morning, everyone got a chance to roll the Song Cube.  We sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’m a Little Teapot, and If You’re Happy and You Know It.  Then we bopped and grooved with beanbags to some tunes.

Next week, our theme is FEELINGS.  Hope to see you here!



What’s black and white and red all over?




Ha!  Ha!  Ha!


Toddler Time Tuesday


Today our theme was the alphabet.  We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Click Clack Quackity Quack.  We played an alphabet game for our felt board activity.  Of course, we sang some songs from our Song Cube and danced to music, too.

I know I’ve talked about the importance of music and movement for young children before, but this time I’m going to share my top secret go-to activities that can be pulled out of your hat with little or no preparation.  Sometimes we just have to get up and move!

  1.  Freeze Dancing.  Even very young children can understand the concepts of “stop” and “go”.  Basically, you need a large safe open space  and any type of music with the ability to stop the music or turn off the volume.  I personally like to mix up the music — fast/slow/pop/country/classical/etc.  for a little music appreciation experience.  This is a wonderful activity for multi-age groups.
  2. Bean Bags.  There are entire CD’s devoted to bean bag activitiies, but you can simply use them with your choice of music too.  With a little preparation you could plan specific actions to music or even try a Simon Says version.
  3. Balloon Dancing.  Balloons are fun and help even the most reticent child to get involved.  Balloons may not be appropriate for very young children, however, so know your age groups.  With a little prep, you can come up with simple games and activities that can be set to music.  Each child could have his/her own balloon or you could do group activities with one or two balloons.
  4. Simon Says.  Remember this game?  Use your imagination and do it with music.  Clap your hands.  March to the beat.  Play air guitar.
  5. Follow the Leader.  A lot like Simon Says.

Now that you know my secret weapons, mix and match them to create your own variations.

Toddler Time Tuesday

rainy day

Wouldn’t you know it?  We planned a Rain theme for today and it snows.  Sigh…. That’s northwestern Pennsylvania for you!

So our theme was RAIN today and we read  The Rain Came Down and Rainsong.  We even made a rainstorm together by rubbing our hands together, snapping, tapping 2 fingers on the palm of the other hand, clapping, stomping, and then all the steps in reverse as the rainstorm died down and the sun came out.  Have you ever tried that?   With a little help from the adults, we made a successful rainstorm.

Our felt board activity today was “10 Little Umbrellas.”  Do you remember “1 little, 2 little, 3 little…”?  We used the same song, but with umbrellas.  I printed out 10 assorted clipart umbrellas, added velco to the back, and we were ready to go.  This is a great song that you can adapt to anything!

Of course……we did music and movement too!

Our theme for next week is:  the A B C’s.

Toddler Time Tuesday



There’s nothing like bunnies to remind us that it’s finally springtime.  Whether it’s Easter bunnies or cute little bunnies munching in your yard — spring is all about bunnies!

So, with that in mind, our theme today was BUNNIES!

We read Max’s Chocolate Chicken and Cowboy Bunnies. Our feltboard rhyme was “One Little Bunny.”  We sang a couple of songs from the Song Cube.

Along with our Cowboy Bunnies book we danced to one of my favorite interactive classical American pieces — Hoe-down from the Aaron Copland ballet, Rodeo.  You might remember this song from the beef commercials a few years ago.  Children really respond to this song — it’s so fun and energetic.

I actually use it to tell a story which we act out as the song unfolds — riding our horses, roping cows, going to town and dancing at the hoe-down, riding back home, worn out and tired, on our horses after the hoedown and then it’s back to work roping cows.

Here’s the song if you’d like to listen:

Hoedown on You Tube

We also had some time for the “Bean Bag Boogie” and “Pass the Beanbag” by  Greg and Steve.

What a fun Toddler Time today!

Ou theme for next week is RAIN.  See you then!

Toddler Time Tuesday


It’s so wonderful to see our good friend, Mr. Sun today, isn’t it?  In honor of our friend, Mr. Sun, our theme today is FRIENDS.  We were so happy to see so many toddlers friends and caregivers here for our weekly program, too!

Our books include A Splendid Friend Indeed and Little Blue Truck.  Our felt board rhyme is 5 Turtle Friends.  We moved and grooved with bean bag songs and sang a couple songs from our song cube.

If you’ve been bringing you toddler to Toddler Time, you’ve probably noticed that I really like to incorporate music into our weekly program.

Music is a wonderful way to engage young children with language in a fun, interactive way.  Additionally, music can help children to learn to follow simple directions and to explore physical movement and balance.  Besides, dancing, singing, and be-bopping with toddlers is great for adults too!  Young children are not critical of your singing and dancing — they’re just happy that you’re doing it with them.  So when it’s time to pick up toys or fold the towels or take a walk, add a little music and movement and everyone is sure to have some fun.

To paraphrase a song from the movie White Christmas………”The best things happen when you dance” …or sing…or explore music together.

Most parents and caregivers may not be familiar with Greg and Steve, but educators are.  Greg and Steve create the most wonderful fun music and movement CD’s for children.  Check them out.